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It gives us immense pleasure that- you are reading this important life turning document for your child.

GURMARG introduced the Unique Student Educare System (USES) in Chandigarh Tricity and had developed its footprint in most wanted academic destinations of the world- USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand etc.

Gurmarg Career Oriented Foundation Program, an integrated approach to address key issues of formative age of student life (7th – 10th Standard ) up till he has finished his higher education and ultimately engaged in worldly life as a successful and accomplished individual.

Widely practiced career counselling is that when a student reaches to Class 10th or 11th standard, he undergoes half –an-hour or one-hour career counselling whereby his aptitude is tested, and he is then advised to take up suitable stream of higher studies and career direction.

We strongly believe that though this is the accepted norm, this is not the right approach.

A student transists through various spectra of life’s enduring qualities and values during these 4-years which are a crucial part of his life.
It is citically important to monitor his natural tendency, his physical and mental strength and weakness, as well as his intellectual prowess throughout this transition period, and then make a well informed decision about the student’s future career.

In Indian Formative Academic System, most of the time parents’ choice of stream/specialization for the student becomes final, without acknowledging the student’s real inclination and potential. This is the worst bane of the current Indian education system, and this must change for the sake of the well being of students.

Global Career Oriented Concept : Transforming You

We, at Gurmarg, are committed to make this transformation through our innovative & path-breaking Global Career Oriented Foundation Program through Gurmarg Classes Chandigarh (GCC). We ultimately aim to prepare the student a Global exposure through our Global Career Exploration route.

The next few years in the formative age are very important to the life of the student. The choices made by student (read as parents’ choice for the students) during this period and efforts put in by them will determine success in student’s career and personal life.

We believe success is not mere academic achievement; it lies in total emotional, intellectual and psychological fulfillment for holistic development. We impart values and virtues which make our students better individual.

Personality Development

  • Personal Presentation
  • Public Interaction
  • Team Player Quality
  • Leadership Quality
  • Mental Alertness
  • Secret of Success
  • Environment Friendly Attitude Development

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