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Are you confused about your career/ course? Want to go for career counseling in Chandigarh? If yes, you can take help of the experts at Gurmarg Classes Chandigarh and resolve all your career/ course relate queries.

Career counselling can help you to identify a career direction or educational program that matches your interests, abilities, work values and preferences.

A Pre-Test Session

Prior to the test, an interactive session on systematic Career Planning will be given in which the participants get an overview about the steps involved in career planning, it includes a power point presentation giving the students an introduction about Career Planning, a brief questionnaire to get an idea about them.

Test Session (2 hours approx)

  • Administering Aptitude Tests (paper pencil tests) measuring different aptitudes namely- Verbal, Numerical, Reasoning, Closure ability, Perceptual Speed and Accuracy, Mechanical, Spatial, and Psycho-motor ability.
  • Administering a Personality Questionnaire.
  • Administering Interest test.
  • Administering a test to measure their Intellectual Capacity.

This is followed by the evaluation of the tests and a report is generated for every student.

Post-Test Session (15 min per student)

Reporting of Results and Counselling. The results of the psychometric tests are given to students individually / with parents.

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