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Career Oriented Foundation Program – Where Latent Talent is Recognised and Nurtured to Flourish.

GCC’s key objective is to support students from foundation stage till they succeed. GCC continuously monitors and improves the following key indicators and counsels both parents and students throughout the four-year period:

USP of GCC: Global Career Oriented Concept

Overall grooming for global exposure

  • GCC provides encouragement and inspiration to the budding minds to open up & express their thoughts for their future plan and ambition.
  • GCC cares for the feelings of individual budding minds.
  • GCC supports the budding minds through expert counselling and tailored road map to meet individual student’s aspiration for national & international prospects.
  • GCC provides quality education along with career and character building counselling to the students during their formative age over a period of 4-years.
  • GCC provides quality counselling to the parents making them aware of global opportunities as well, while admission of their ward to GCC, and throughout tenure of their ward’s study in GCC.
  • Regular motivational interaction with students and parents with feedback of the progress in their respective natural inclination directionality.
  • Maintaining personal profile of each student keeping view of global education/career perspective.
  • After the GCC’s foundation program, both child and parents are in tune with each other for the next step towards career oriented higher secondary education as well as Undergraduate and Post graduate program – to be pursued in India or Abroad.

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