About Us

About us

Welcome to GURMARG IAS

The objective of education is to relate it to the life, needs and aspirations of the people and thereby make it the powerful instrument of social, economic and cultural transformation. Education is cardinal in inculcating values, to provide skills and competencies for the citizens, and in enabling them to contribute to the nation’s well-being; strengthens democracy by empowering citizens; becomes an adhesive for the society, and instrumental in entrenching cosmopolitan values among all. Education should be a tool for inculcating values like compassion, knowledge, objectivity, skills and thereby aids in leading a quality and wholesome life which contribute in the country’s development. Education could prove as a potent weapon in waning a chasm between the society which is as of now divided on the line of social, economic and political. Education should make pupil trailblazers with independent thought than only in true sense we can achieve the goal of Gandhian “Swaraj”.



Our Mission

Each mind must to liberated and empowered to reach it’s full potential. Our mission is to provide young adults with the environment which not only allows them the space to find themselves, be themselves but encourage and support their dreams.Our mission is to help young minds identify their true nature, potential, capabilities, acumen, determine and realize their path in life, their marg. 


Our visions

The word Gurmarg means divine direction .It aims at awakening the youth to discover the unique potential in them and thus, a unique journey...

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