Life of an IAS officer

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The life of an IAS officer has many faces just as any other profession. We feel that the toughest part is while an aspirant is preparing to qualify the civil services examination. The perception we have is that the privileges and perks of the life are beyond comparison. The power, the status and lifestyle is worth striving for. What most people don’t understand is that one has to earn all this even while working just as any other profession. There are risks involved too. 

Dangers to life and family at many points in one’s career. The privileges are of course there but it is a balance of duty, responsibility and allowances. The first duty is towards your nation and the people. Many a times you have to keep your family at second priority when duty calls for it. Also, there are restrictions both express and implied. Thirdly, the power that comes with every position must be handled with due care and most efficiently. Serving the people is like justifying your rank. The higher you go, the more rigorous the work will become. Critical decisions will be have to be taken in short periods of time. Delay in decisions can cause more damage than anticipated. Hence, the training and the preparation comes to the rescue there. Concepts, policies and processes learned in classrooms will have to be put into practical use. 
It all does fall into place. All the hard work, the preparation under pressure, giving all in etc. Many of the new trainees crumble in the grueling process and hence one must be mentally prepared. We must see IAS as the two sides it has. Protection Status