Our Philosophy



The objective of education is to relate it to life, needs and aspirations of the people and thereby make it a powerful instrument of social, economic and cultural transformation.

Education is cardinal in inculcating values, to provide skills and competencies to the citizens, and in enabling them to contribute to the nation’s well-being and world at large; strengthens democracy by empowering citizens; becomes an adhesive for the society, and instrumental in entrenching cosmopolitan values among all.

Education should be a tool for inculcating values like compassion, knowledge, objectivity, skills and thereby aids in leading a quality and wholesome life which contributes in the country’s development. Education could prove as a potent weapon in waning a chasm between the society which is as of now divided on the lines of social, economic and political agenda.

A harmony needed to be maintained between nature and human beings and should not be treated as mutually exclusive entities. It is necessary to strike coherence between an individual and nature. And this synergy of man and nature will also be helpful in minimizing the ecological footprint of man due to consumerism. Education should make pupils trailblazers with independent thought only then in true sense we can achieve the goal of liberty.

Human being is a whole one, we cannot think of the mind and body separately. Therefore, an all-round development of the mind can take place only when it proceeds pari passu with the education of the physical and spiritual faculties of a child. According to Gurmarg the fulcrum of education must be based on the values such as – Equity, Quality and Accessibility. The aim and objective of Gurmarg Educare is to create a society with citizens who live joyfully and consciously and can see things objectively without prejudices.

Gurmarg Educare with its UNICUS program tends to make education SUSTAINABLE, we want to empower the students to help create a sustainable society through education. With our vast experience in the education sector, our insights of the parent-teacher- student relationship and the impact it can make if it is moulded in the right manner. UNICUS aims to work at the grass root level of society and make its way up for a better and sustainable tomorrow. UNICUS intricately understands the problem and works towards innovative solutions to create a harmony and revolutionize the way we look at education as a whole.