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At the very outset please accept our good wishes and warm regards.

GURMARG is a pioneer in Unique Student Educare System (USES) in Chandigarh Tricity and had developed its footprint in most wanted academic destinations of the world – USA, Canda, Australia, Singapore , New Zealand etc.

Gurmarg Educare is a Student Educare System, where by an integrated approach is being adopted from a formative age of student life up till he has finished his higher education and ultimately engaged in worldly life as a successful entrepreneur or self motivated high end manager.

Gurmarg's focus is to improve performance of student through institutionalizing core issues- care, study- friendly atmosphere, good and hygienic living(home away home), homely food, counselling, study co-ordination both national and international, logistic support , immigration and placement- a true end-to-end service for transforming life of a student.


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